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Chemozyme Enterprises was established in 1983 as a manufacturing and export business for Isinglass Finings.

Isinglass is a highly pure form of collagen, traditionally used as a fining agent in beer and wine. Isinglass is normally added after fermentation, to help clarify the beer or wine through sedimentation.

Isinglass is a highly effective beer clarifying agent and also a wine clarifying agent and has stood the test of time.

Our product range: Extrafine, Craftfine, Clearfine and Winefine contain isinglass; a pure non – GMO collagen, food grade organic acid and food grade preservative. It is made from the specially processed fish maws of certain variety of tropical marine fish.

Isinglass Finings, is used for Wine additives and Beer additives, accelerates the settling of yeast cells and protein particles, thus significantly reducing storage time in the conditioning tank.

In its long history of use in the clarification of traditional British cask ale, the effectiveness of isinglass finings has remained unrivalled, despite many attempts to find alternatives.

In breweries, Isinglass Finings is added to the beer at the end of fermentation for faster clarification by removing the suspended solids and yeast cells.  The active ingredient in Isinglass is the positively charged protein [collagen] molecule, which attracts the yeast cells that possess negative charge, thereby causing faster clarification, making it an ideal partner in the cost-effective production of filtered beers.

Isinglass Finings is a processing aid used in wine to remove colloidal haze, improve filterability, accelerate the settlement of yeast cells and reduce astringency without affecting the natural flavour of a wine.

There are three different times that Isinglass Finings may be added to a wine:

Isinglass Finings is added to a wine right after the fermentation has ended. Isinglass Finings is typically added at this time to accelerate the fall-out of yeast cells and to reduce any visible particle hazes that may be lingering.

Often Isinglass Finings is added to wine a few days before bottling.

Sometimes, Isinglass Finings will be added before fermentation as a pre-treatment to the juice. This is done to reduce excessive proteins that are anticipated to be a problem later on during the wine making process.
It is important to understand that fining agents may be added at more than one point in the winemaking process with any given batch of wine. For example, you may want to add a fining agent to help drop out the yeast cells more quickly right after fermentation and then add a different fining before bottling to help lighten the wine’s color.

At Chemozyme we sell Isinglass Finings which is added to beer and wine at the end of fermentation as a clarifying agent. The products we offer are Clearfine Isinglass Finings, Extrafine Isinglass Finings, Craftfine Isinglass Finings and Winefine Isinglass Finings for beer and wine. Free samples are available on inquiry.

Call (+91) 9886395969 or live chat with our team for more information regarding our Isinglass Finings. Our customer service team welcomes the opportunity.

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