Function Of Isinglass

isinglass finings brew wine

Isinglass Finings clarify beer and wine by combining with yeast (net negative charge) and protein by electrostatic interaction and by physical enmeshment to form large aggregates which settle rapidly.

The effectiveness of isinglass finings depends on:
Type of finings, mixing and storage temperatures, storage time.
Yeast strain and yeast count prior to fining.
Dosage rate, time of addition, fining performance, type and quantity of auxiliary used.
Temperature of beer on addition of finings.

At Chemozyme we sell Isinglass Finings which is added to beer and wine at the end of fermentation as a clarifying agent. The products we offer are Clearfine Isinglass Finings, Extrafine Isinglass Finings, Craftfine Isinglass Finings and Winefine Isinglass Finings for beer and wine. Free samples are available on inquiry.

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