Wine Fining FAQs

What is Isinglass? When should I use it?
Isinglass Finings is used especially for applications with white and rosé wines. Made from the swim bladders of fish, this fining agent is proven to enhance clarity and brilliance even in wines made from botrytised grapes.

What is the best way to add fining agents?
There are several ways to add fining agents. Add the fining agent to the tank while mixing with an agitator dosing into a recirculation pump setup with a stand-alone dosing machine or with an injector.

Do I need to run bench trials before I use a fining agent?
Yes, bench trials are essential to determine proper dosing and efficiency. Isinglass Fining products work under a different mechanism and will react to each wine differently. Bench trials and cellar additions should be prepared and used the same way (same temperature, same mixing style, etc.). If bench trials are not performed, the winemaker may risk under or over-fining and could harm the wine. Take the time to find the right dose.

What are the main factors that influence how well isinglass fining works?
Isinglass Fining addition can be a delicate operation. Product preparation and addition, product concentration, temperature, product age, pH, metal content and previous fining treatments are all factors that can influence the effectiveness of fining. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and maintain accuracy when using fining products.

My wine is cloudy, what can I use to try to fix it?
First, check for microbial contamination. If there is a microbial problem, consider SO2 and lysozyme additions (as appropriate) plus filtration. If microbes are not found, run bench trials with Winefine (Isinglass Fining). Most times, the use of enzymes can eliminate wine cloudiness.

My wine is astringent. What fining agent should I use to reduce the astringency?
Finings are a good choice for the reduction of astringency. Isinglass Finings can target harsh tannins and phenolics. Another way to reduce astringency is to add polymerized aging tannins. Bench trials are highly recommended for Isinglass and aging tannins prior to use.

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