clearfine isinglass finings

Clearfine is made from isinglass; a pure non – GMO collagen, food grade organic acid and preservative. It is made from specially processed fish maws and is available in powder form.

Clearfine is a triple refined, purified, standardized, readily soluble Isinglass Finings that give your beers and wines the perfect clarity.
Please download our Clearfine Isinglass Finings Brochure here.


extrafine isinglass finings

Extrafine is a positively charged Isinglass Finings that attracts negatively charged yeast cells and other suspensoids from fermented beer, ensuring a compact sediment to give a bright beer.
Please download our Extrafine Isinglass Finings Brochure here.


craftfine isinglass finings

This is a perfect product to give brilliant clarity to cask conditioned beer.
Please download our Craftfine Isinglass Fining Brochure here.


winefine isinglass finings

This product is instantly soluble and is known for its extremely gentle nature. It does not strip flavour or character from wine, it reduces astringency, removes higher molecular proteins that cause haze formation and creates a final high quality polish to wine (especially whites and rosé ). It will produce a thin layer of fine sediment, as the last of the suspended solids precipitate to the bottom. Wine works best as a final touch, applied just before bottling.
Please download our Winefine Isinglass Fining Brochure here.

At Chemozyme we sell Isinglass Finings which is added to beer and wine at the end of fermentation as a clarifying agent. The products we offer are Clearfine Isinglass Finings, Extrafine Isinglass Finings, Craftfine Isinglass Finings and Winefine Isinglass Finings for beer and wine. Free samples are available on inquiry.

Call (+91) 9886395969 or live chat with our team for more information regarding our Isinglass Finings. Our customer service team welcomes the opportunity.

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